Vincent as Sheriff

Vincent served as one of the two Sheriffs of the City of London in 2018/19, alongside his fellow Sheriff Liz Green. He stepped down on 27 September 2019. Throughout the year Vincent and his wife Amanda (and their labrador, India) lived in the Old Bailey, at the heart of the Ward of Farringdon Within.

The central role of the Sheriffs is to support the Lord Mayor. Alongside this, the Sheriffs contribute to the implementation of the Corporation’s Corporate Plan. The third area of Shrieval activity is the promotion of the Rule of Law and, in particular, the support of HM Judges at the Central Criminal Court. This strand of activity runs through the Sheriffs' year as a constant and visible feature. It is embedded in many of the events hosted by the Sheriffs that take place in the Old Bailey during the year.

In a very busy year, Vincent attended, hosted and spoke at business, livery and charity related events every day. A few of the many highlights of the year included:

  • hosting the dinner preceding the UK-Ireland Financial Services Dialogue
  • opening Invest Northern Ireland’s new City office
  • giving the opening address at the Invest in Jordan conference in Guildhall
  • hosting an awards reception for the Magistrates Association at which Lloyds TSB was recognised as ‘employer of the year'
  • hosting the final of the inter-schools Sheriffs' Challenge debating competition in Court No. 1 at the Old Bailey
  • hosting Leadership Through Sport and Business's mock trial competition in the Old Bailey
  • visiting Feltham YOI and HMP Little Hey
  • organising the Sheriffs' Ball in Guildhall to raise funds for The Lord Mayor's Appeal
  • the Sheriffs’ Horse Ride around the City of London when Vincent and Liz along with members of the HAC's Light Cavalry and the City of London Mounted Police toured 15 Livery Halls on horseback, with 30 volunteer walkers, raising funds for the Old Bailey's in-house charity, the Sheriffs' & Recorder's Fund

India was a key focus of Vincent's year as Sheriff. He attended and spoke as the City representative at several India-related business events and joined the Lord Mayor on his visit to India in September 2019.

Vincent also travelled to Manchester and Sheffield with the Lord Mayor in July 2019, supporting the Corporation’s Regional Strategy.

Vincent & Amanda Keaveny at Mansion House